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Gafarov House

Nestled atop a quiet hill overlooking Gusar City, the Gafarov House is a step above most. It offers a private guest home with a bed the size of an airport landing strip, indoor plumbing, stovetop cooking, and an awning just right for lazy afternoon naps. The forest is just a few minutes walk up the road and is an ideal destination for pleasant strolls in Qusar’s cool summer weather.

For those not wanting to take the village plunge, there is also a western toilet on the premises along with a hot shower. A stone and mud-style Lezgi oven sits in the back yard where ‘Big Mama’ can often be found cooking up delicious Lezgi bread. Her son, Yashar, speaks decent English so communication will not be a problem. He can also show you a few Lezginka moves (a wildly popular dance throughout Gusar) just as long as you are not too occupied with table tennis to learn!

 Access to hiking No   Car parking available Yes
 Western toilet Yes  Television  Yes 
 Lunch / Dinner available  Yes   Eng. speaker on site  Yes 
 Internet      Yes   Drinking allowed  Yes 
 Hot shower available  Yes   Kitchen available Yes 

Isag's Farm (Bala Gusar)

This tidy farm house is located in the village of Bala Gusar, about 10 km east of Gusar city. It rests on the village's largest apple orchard, spanning over 6 hectres, and offers one of the best insights into orchard tending in Azerbaijan's northern regions. Guba and Gusar are famous for their sweet delicious apples and Isag's apples are some of the best. Come work in the orchard for 2 hours and you'll earn your evening meal. You can even take home a bag of apples that you pick yourself, free of charge! If you a safe driver, you may even get a hand at driving the tractor.

Isag and his wife Irada are both warm and inviting. They have experience hosting foreign guests and are ready to show you a real Azerbaijani farm experience. We encourage you to take a w

alk through the orchard in the evening as the typical gentle breeze runs through the tree leaves or try a horse rental and explore the rest of the village.


 Harvest season in Bala Gusar runs from Sept. 1st - October 15th. Schedule soon to reserve a spot during this time. Long-term stays are available and, as always, prices are negotiable for stays over 6 days.

Maximum capacity: 4 guests

 Access to hiking Yes  Car parking available Yes
 Western toilet     No   Television Yes 
 Lunch / Dinner available  Yes   Eng. speaker on site No 
 Internet No   Drinking allowed Yes 
 Hot shower available Yes   Kitchen available Yes