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Ilhama's Place

Ilhama's home stay has been a favorite destination of travelers for over 10 years. Located directly across the street
from one of Azerbaijan's most historical sites, the Kish Albanian Church, this home stay benefits from both an excellent location and intelligent management. There is plenty of room for eating meals and relaxing in the shade, all while gazing up at a breathtaking mountain view.

Maximum capacity: 15 guests 

 Access to hiking Yes   Car parking available Yes 
 Western toilet No   Television Yes 
 Lunch / Dinner available Yes   Eng. speaker on site Yes 
 Internet No   Drinking allowed Yes 
 Hot shower Yes   Private kitchen No 

Aziz Dayi's Store-Top Apartment
This apartment is a perfect base point for hikers and explorers who are looking for both privacy and freedom. Situated atop a small store, it's located in the heart of Kish right next to the central post office. The apartment is recently renovated and has everything you need to enjoy an extended stay in one of Azerbaijan's most beautiful villages. 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and bathroom are all located inside. There is an ironing board, kitchen table, brand new refrigerator, and even a vacuum cleaner in case you track in mud. Satellite television and DVD player are also ready for use. For groups over 4 there is an additional room,  private shower and toilet on the first floor.

Maximum capacity: 8 guests

 Access to hiking Yes Car parking available Yes
 Western toilet No  Television  Yes 
 Lunch / Dinner available No  Eng. speaker on site No 
 Internet No  Drinking allowed  Yes 
 Hot shower  Yes  Private kitchen  Yes