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Lahij Transportation

Traveling in the regions of Azerbaijan can be difficult and Lahij is no exception.  Here are your options:
  • Lahij lies high up in the Caucasus mountains of Ismayilli region and is accessible by taxi (off-road vehicle) and bus. Total travel time from Ismayilli city is approximately 45 minutes. The final 15 minutes of the ride is spectacular, with breathtaking cliffside views. 
  • Taxi service to Lahij can be arranged by us from Ismayilli city for 30 AZN, regardless of group size (up to 4 passengers). Keep in mind that if you are staying overnight in Lahij, it will cost an additional 30 AZN to come back to Ismayilli city.
  • Buses to Lahij leave from Ismayilli city at 07:30; 11:00; 14:00; and 16:00 every day. Fare is only 1.50 AZN per person. Please contact us for more information.
  • Your options for getting to Ismayilli city from Baku using public transport are either by bus or taxi. Buses to Ismayilli leave from the Baku International Bus Station nearly every hour. Fare is 5 AZN per person.  Taxi service to Ismayilli can be found near 'Shamakhinka' in Baku from 40 AZN per vehicle (10 AZN per person if you catch a shared taxi).
  • Please contact us if you are thinking of driving your own vehicle and we will provide you with directions.
Good luck in your travels!