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Khalid's Home

Khalid is both the village schoolteacher and store owner. He can often be found hosting international guests in his home and at a guest home further up the hill (see below). His house is perfect for parties of 4 - 6, complete with 2 rooms and a large common area. The guest area is separated from his family's side of the house by a common entryway so that guests can enjoy their privacy. The highlight of this home is a wood and stone-clad guest room carefully designed by Khalid himself and complete with a rustic-looking fireplace and the Azeri 8-pointed star on the ceiling. Khalid and his family are ready to serve in whatever capacity needed. Don't forget to sign their guestbook before leaving!

Maximum capacity: 6 guests
 Access to hiking Yes  Car parking available  Yes
 Western toilet  No  Television  No
 Lunch / Dinner available  Yes  Eng. speaker on site  No 
 Internet  No   Drinking allowed  Yes 
 Hot shower  Yes   Private kitchen No

Khalid's Guest House

This is a small, two bedroom house that sits on one of Laza's most scenic bluffs. Twin waterfalls can be seen from the picnic gazebo in the front yard while you relax in the breeze and soft sound of rushing water. This may very well be the most deluxe and secluded home stay you will find in Azerbaijan. Set apart about 100 meters from Laza village, it includes a tiled indoor bathroom (complete with western toilet), full-service kitchen, living room with lounge chairs and satellite television, and a room with 2 beds. Perfect for a weekend getaway or a longer retreat. As always, breakfast is included.

Maximum capacity: 2 - 4 guests
 Access to hiking Yes  Car parking available  Yes
 Western toilet Yes   Television Yes 
 Lunch / Dinner available  No  Eng. speaker on site  No 
 Internet  No   Drinking allowed  Yes 
 Hot shower Yes   Private kitchen Yes 
Vahid's Place

Located just across the road from Khalid's home, this house offers the perfect mix of privacy and cultural interaction. The owner, Zahid, shares his brother Khalid's enthusiasm for guests and will welcome you with open arms. The house consists of 2 rooms, one for 2 people and the other for up to 5. The bathroom is quite nice with tiled walls and floor, a brand new electric water heater, and a western toilet. Guests are also welcome to join the family for meals around a large table in their home across the yard. 

Maximum capacity: 7 guests

 Access to hiking Yes  Car parking available Yes
 Western toilet  Yes   Television No
 Lunch / Dinner available  Yes   Eng. speaker on site No 
 Internet  No   Drinking allowed  Yes 
 Hot shower Yes   Private kitchen No