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Huseynov House

Located 10km down the road from Lerik, this house sits in a lush forest crisscrossing the ridges leading to the top. Known by the locals as Azerbaijan, this town had to switch it's name to Guneshli (which means "sunny") after it was decided that Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan sounded silly.

Our homestay family here features the aptly named "Kebab King". No one does kebab like the Kebab King. A large open porch allows for cool easy time away from the mid-day sun. The forests open up many opportunities for hiking and the Kebab King himself will take you on a tour of the region in his car for local sights and hangouts. Waterfalls, mountain overlooks and tucked away riverbeds await!

 Access to hiking Yes  Car parking available     Yes 
 Western toilet No  Television Yes
 Lunch / Dinner available Yes  Eng. speaker on site No     
 Internet No  Drinking allowed Yes
 Hot shower No  Private kitchen No

Heydarov House

Located at the entrance to Lerik, this is one of our more up to date homes. Here you can be treated to both hot showers and satellite television. Centrally located, this is a good option if you want to get to be near everything. Activities include Meyhanna singing, learning to cook traditional southern Azeri foods like Levengi and even fishing in the river down the road a ways.

 Access to hiking Yes Car parking available  Yes
 Western toilet Yes  Television Yes 
 Lunch / Dinner available Yes   Eng. speaker on site No
 Internet No   Drinking allowed No
 Hot shower Yes   Private kitchen No