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Lerik Transportation

Traveling in the regions of Azerbaijan can be difficult and Lerik is no exception.  Here are your options:
  • CBT Azerbaijan is able to provide taxis that go from Baku straight to Lerik.  These drivers normally receive 15AZN per person for a total of 4 people at 60AZN.  If the driver is unable to fill all seats patrons are often expected to pay more to make up for gas.  With advance notice CBT Azerbaijan can arrange a comfortable ride straight to a CBT Azerbaijan family home.
  • For large groups of 10+ a private bus may be possible.  Prices vary.
  • Your other option is to attempt the travel on your own, here are some tips:
    • Buses leave from the bus station in Baku to Lerik early in the morning, often around 7am.  Buses to Lenkeran (which is the closest region to Lerik) leave every hour until around 5pm.  It is a 5 hour bus ride that costs between 5 and 7AZN.
    • There are also night and day trains to Lenkeran that leave from 28 May metro station in Baku.  They can range from public rooms at 7AZN to 14AZN per person for a private 2 person cabin.
    • Once in Lenkeran taxis from "dord yol" (4 roads) go for 3AZN per person.  It is possible that they may attempt to charge more after recognizing you are a foreigner.  If you arrive too late in the day these taxis can often cost more.  Travel after dark can cost as much as 15AZN or 25AZN.
  • Please contact us if you are thinking of driving your own vehicle and we will provide you with directions.
Good luck in your travels!