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A word about Sheki: 

This area fills up fast, so we suggest you book early to ensure the best home stays. Keep in mind that by booking a room you are making a commitment. If you decide to cancel on that commitment our families can lose a significant amount of income and we lose credibility in the communities where we work. To help mediate this, we have a 3-day cancellation policy. Please give us at least this much notice if you can't come so we can refill your reservation. Thank you.

Ilgar's Home
This home has a fantastic location on one of the hills that rises out towards a hike. Located close to the Caravan Saray, it splits the distance between Sheki's city center and the famous Khan Saray, otherwise known as King's Palace. (Only a 10 minute walk each direction.) There is a flat screen TV available with satellite channels, including Al Jazeera in English. The owner, Ilgar Agayev, is the CBT Azerbaijan manager for Sheki. He is an honest man, fluent in English and well trained to give you a grand tour of Sheki should you desire. Ilgar lives with his wife and two children. They are a delightful family and are ready to host you. 
Maximum capacity: 5 guests
 Access to hiking Yes   Car parking available  No 
 Western toilet  No   Television  Yes 
 Lunch / Dinner available Yes   Eng. speaker on site  Yes 
 Internet   Yes   Drinking allowed  No 
 Hot shower Yes   Private kitchen No 
Mahmud Home
Located near the Caravan Saray, this home is separated into two parts: what we call the 'Presidential Suite' and a quaint guest house down the stairs from it. The Presidential Suite is ideal for up to two guests and includes a balcony with one of Sheki's best mountain-side views. The lower guest home lies next to a beautiful garden and offers both privacy and a kitchen. Both parts of this home have access to their own bathroom, complete with western toilet and tiled shower rooms. Dilshad Khanum watches over this home and has been hosting guests for over 10 years in Sheki. Her warm demeanor will make you feel right at home.
Maximum capacity: 10 guests (2 upstairs, 8 downstairs)
 Access to hiking Yes   Car parking available  Yes 
 Western toilet  Yes   Television  No 
 Lunch / Dinner available  Yes   Eng. speaker on site  No
 Internet  No   Drinking allowed  Yes 
 Hot shower  Yes   Private kitchen  Yes 
Nijar Khanum's Home

This home, located a short 5 minute walk up the hill from Sheki's historical silk factory, is kept by a single elderly woman name Nijar Khanum. Nijar has a quiet apartment on the upstairs floor of this 2-story house that she rents to visitors. The apartment offers a high level of privacy and comfortable beds for 3 guests, with a sofa bed available if needed. Nijar is happy to cook for her guests and will even do your laundry if you ask nice.

Maximum capacity: 4 guests
 Access to hiking No  Car parking available  Yes
 Western toilet No   Television  Yes 
 Lunch / Dinner available  Yes   Eng. speaker on site  No 
 Internet  No   Drinking allowed  Yes
 Hot shower  Yes   Private kitchen  Yes
Elmira Khanum's Home
This home offers a unique position at the very top of Sheki's rising slope, directly behind the Khan Palace's northern castle wall. It offers both peace and tranquil beauty in arguably the best yard of all our Sheki home stays and allows guests a view of Sheki that's off the beaten path. The Khan palace is only a few minutes walk away, along with Sheki's castle museum and Albanian church. Elmira Khanum has been hosting guests at her home for several years now and is very welcoming. She is ready to cook up a traditional Azeri meal for you.  
Maximum capacity: 5 guests
 Access to hiking Yes  Car parking available  Yes
 Western toilet  No   Television  No 
 Lunch / Dinner available  Yes   Eng. speaker on site  No 
 Internet  No   Drinking allowed  Yes 
 Hot shower  Yes   Private kitchen  No