CBT Azerbaijan allows for each homestay family to set its own agenda, in a sense running their own business. Each homestay is priced from the list below. Additional services (hiking guide, horseback riding, city tour etc... are available only in certain locations. Transportation possible upon request from anywhere in Azerbaijan. Check each region's page, found in Destinations, for more information.
All children 7 years old and under are free, 8-12 years old are 50% off basic services. 
       Basic Services                    Price Per Person
 Home stay (Bed & Breakfast)* 30 AZN
 Group rate 1 / Extended stay      25 AZN 
 Group rate 2**  20 AZN
 Lunch  7 AZN
 Dinner***  10 AZN
Additional Services  Group Price
 Hiking (trekking) guide (day) **** 30 - 80 AZN
 Historical places guided tour (day) 120 AZN
Additional Services  Price Per Person
 Horseback riding (hour)  25 AZN
 Horseback riding (day)  60 AZN
*Each homestay includes breakfast and a private room for each party.
**Group rate 1 applies to groups of 3 - 5. Group rate 2 is for 6 - 10. Extended stay applies to a continuous visit of 3 days or longer. Groups of 11 or more and stays one week or longer are negotiableCombined group + extended stay is also negotiable. 
***Some meat dishes may cost more. All variations in price are indicated where applicable.
****2/3 hours or 1 day hiking (trekking) price is per person for maximum 3 persons in the groups. For the bigger groups the price is offered upon request. Longer hiking 2 or 3 days available upon request.